A Quick History Appreciation

There wouldn’t be an Interior Design industry today without the efforts of some key women. Let’s recognize these trailblazing women in honor of Women’s History Month starting in the late 1880s.


1. May Morris

May Morris, daughter of artist and designer William Morris. Around 1880, at age 23, her father put her in charge of the embroidery department at Morris & Co. In her day, this made her a revolutionary women boss!

More Accomplishments:

  • Established embroidery as an art form with patterns that are currently in production  
  • Championed workers rights, especially for women  
  • Established the first Women’s Guild of Art, the first art guild to admit women

2. Elsie de Wolfe

Eleanor McMillen Brown launched her Interior Design company McMillin, Inc. in 1924, which is still in business today.

More Accomplishments:

  • Graduated from Parsons and required that her employees have a formal education.  
  • Established professional Interior Design industry standards.

4. Dorothy Draper

Dorothy Draper was the first to reach celebrity designer status. Her work was photographed and published more than any other Interior Designer (regardless of sex)  in her day.  She wrote a newspaper column and became the precursor to today’s designer “influencers” with a readership akin to today’s blogs and Instagram posts.

More Accomplishments:

  • Compiled her DIY tips into a best-selling book  Decorating is Fun.  
  • Struck the first licensing deals and put her name on wallpaper, fabrics, and even gift wrap. 
  • Broke through the male-dominated commercial design scene and made a huge splash designing hotels and restaurants.


A Quiet Place

More people are asking for an area or room to retreat and recharge in their homes. We all need a place of our own to read, draw, journal, or simply be still and reflect.


Spring Cleaning

Windows are the eyes of your home and a great way to kick off Spring cleaning. Cleaning your windows removes contaminants, pollutants, and grime that block sunlight and a beautiful view.

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