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It’s important to have small business insurance so you can sleep well at night. In this blog post, we will hear from Cassie Dalmas of Central Penn Insurance and Franklin Flood Insurance as she helps us understand why a relationship with your small business insurance agent is key.

Does Your Insurance Broker Have Your Back?

As an insurance broker, I spend quite a lot of time meeting local business owners. It’s interesting listening to what everyone has to say. Whether it’s the daily struggles of a dry cleaner or the triumphs of a deli owner, no two businesses are alike. When I bring up the topic of insurance to these business owners, you would be amazed at how many of them don’t even know who their current agent or broker is. That’s simply unacceptable in my book.

Most small business owners have a good relationship with their accountant, their attorney, their CPA, their financial advisor, their bank; their insurance agent should be on this list. There is a steady flow of new insurance products and services being unveiled, and if your broker is not keeping your coverages current it’s probably time you find a new broker. In most cases, I can provide your business with 2-4 quotes in a 24-hour span, without needing loss runs. So, if you’re one of those customers who doesn’t know who their current agent is, think about switching.

Time For a Change? Where Do I Start?

Okay so now you are looking to switch your insurance agent. Your current agent works for a big box company (represented by a jingle and a mascot) and they don’t know your name nor what you do. So how do you find an agent who does? A couple of great places to look are your local Chamber of Commerce or ask your trusted real estate agent or mortgage broker. Typically, real estate agents and mortgage brokers have insurance agents that they work closely with and refer their clients to.

The Chamber

Then, of course, the local Chamber of Commerce has the “in” with all the small businesses in the area, and may even be able to steer you in the direction of which insurance agent specializes in your specific small business niche. That being said, not all brokers are built the same, and not all can provide you with the same products. So, it also doesn’t hurt to shop a couple of different brokers that you may have been referred to and see who you fit with best. If you don’t have connections within the real estate realm or a local chamber of commerce, it doesn’t hurt to flip through the yellow pages and interview a few agents. Find one you feel comfortable with, who can shop multiple carriers for you and find the right fit for your business.


Portrait of Cassie Dalmas of Central Penn Insurance and Franklin Flood - Field 1 Post Digital Marketing, Havertown

About Cassie Dalmas

Cassie Dalmas is a licensed insurance agent in the state of Pennsylvania and is the VP of Business Development for Central Penn Insurance and Franklin Flood.


If you want to reach out to Cassie Dalmas (Field 1 Post Trusted Small Business Partner), please contact her by clicking here.


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