Live and work in a space that was meant for you.

“I’d love to renovate or redecorate my home; I just don’t have the time!”

We hear this a lot because we often work with homeowners with packed schedules, careers, kids, grandkids, or aging parents who need their help. The last thing they want to do with a day off is build shopping lists, run all over town for the perfect couch, or chase tradespeople. There are so many questions when starting a renovation or redecorating project. These are excellent questions and valid concerns. Here’s how we can help…


Whether you’re completing a one-room makeover, a full remodel, or a new build, every project has an ideal timeline. Tradespeople must be scheduled for the appropriate dates, backorders, changes accounted for, and other project hiccups that will almost always occur. We take the burden off your brain by managing the entire project. We keep you in the loop when it matters. We won’t bore you with the carpenter’s packed schedule or the out-of-stock area rug order. We’ll have solutions before presenting you with a problem. You get to enjoy the design process and look forward to your big reveal day. We wouldn’t have it any other way!


We respect your comfortable investment range. Homeowners will sometimes go with the least expensive retail options when what they need is worthy of a more significant investment. When something has to be replaced a year later or ends up looking…well, cheap, you feel betrayed. We solve this by helping you determine where your investment should be spent, keeping resale value, function, and quality as top priorities. We focus on moderate investment pieces like sourcing the perfect area rug or dining set from our trusted vendors with your remaining investment.


Do you really want your home to look like everyone else’s in your neighborhood? Maybe for a week, but not even for a year. Trends and fads fade quickly and can make you feel like you’re living on someone else’s Pinterest board. That backsplash looked so pretty on Instagram, but it doesn’t suit your kitchen like you’d hoped. Your curbless, tiled shower feels spacious, but it lacks enough niches and ledges to make it functional. We address this by learning all about you, your family, and how you intend to use each space. We aren’t afraid to dream, transforming rarely used rooms into your next favorite hang-out. Design rules are meant to be broken, and most trends should not be followed. We’ll help you sort through the design noise and discover who you really are and how that translates into your home.
About Susan Rains DesignComfort, Style, and Better HealthOur focus is on working with busy professionals with growing families in the Philadelphia metro who want to live and feel better. We love combining new with vintage and creating harmony with natural textures, colors, and patterns. We use the science of design to improve your family’s health and happiness and choose products with less impact on our environment. To learn more about Susan and Susan Rains Design,  website here or Call Susan at:1-267-606-0408.
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