Challenges of Working at Home

When working at home, it’s sometimes hard to be productive. Because your co-workers aren’t there, it is more difficult to get their advice. Also, there are lots of distractions. Sometimes, your kids yell or your dog barks.

Unfortunately, we can’t take care of your kids or walk the dog. However, we can provide you with some technology tips to be more productive.

Mesh Networks Advantages

Easier to Use

One advantage of these networks is their ease of use. At your home or office, you have one mesh network. As you move around the network, your computer or other device will automatically stay connected to the network. The mesh network will continuously be looking to connect you to the optimal wireless node. Even when connected to one node, it will find the optimal connection to that node.

With traditional wireless router and wireless extender networks, your device will stay connected as long as it can to the wireless unit it is connected to. As you move to one side of your home, you have to manually switch to the nearest wireless device.

Better Performance

Generally, mesh networks will provide better network performance than traditional router and wireless extender networks. Your computer, smart phone or tablet will get a strong wireless signal with better speeds throughout your house or office. On the other hand, extenders normally transmit wireless signals which have noticeably slower Internet speeds than the main router.

Internet speed test for mesh networksFast Internet Speed

Easier Installation & Management

Usually, you can install a smart phone app to set up and manage your wireless mesh network. From this app, you can add new nodes, change the network security settings, enable a guest network, and block users. Normally, you can add new wireless nodes by clicking on an option in the app and then just plugging them in.

mesh network appEero Wi-Fi App

On the other hand, with a traditional router and extenders you usually have to set up each one separately on a computer or an app. Normally, you have to spend much more time installing and configuring the extenders.

When your home or business is hit by a power outage, a mesh network should automatically start working, once power is restored. Instead, a traditional network may not start working right away. You might have to reconnect wireless devices (i.e., router, extenders, etc.) one by one. This can take up a lot of time and energy.

Mesh Networks Disadvantages

Mesh networks' cost

Mesh Networks Cost

The main disadvantage of mesh networks is their cost. Because you usually have to buy a 3 pack of mesh units, the cost is more than a typical router and extender. An Eero 3 pack is relatively inexpensive at about $175. A Nest Wi-Fi 3 pack of a router and two nodes costs about $349. The Netgear Orbi AC2200 pack has a similar price.

For individuals who live in a small apartment or a single floor house, a wireless mesh system may be overkill. A router should provide sufficient wireless coverage. These individuals could always add an inexpensive extender to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal throughout their place.

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