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We find ourselves setting both personal and professional goals all the time. Some are short-term, and some longer-term, but we often state our objectives without much thought on how to achieve them. In this blog post, guest blogger and professional business coach Bill McDevitt of Top Of The World Coaching is going to explain setting goals using the PREP method.


As a business coach, I help clients set meaningful goals using a 4-step process. I call this process PREP-4-PROGRESS using the acronym PREP.

Prep is short for preparation. The effort, if haphazard, will not always equal your desired outcome. PREP allows you to focus your effort on what is most important to achieving your goal.

Getting Started With A Goal

It starts with a clear goal. What is the purpose of the goal, and what does a win look like? Then, build your strategy to achieve your goal. Your tactics will be the actions necessary to support your plan. Do not forget about your measurables to validate if your tactics are working.

Example – I want to double my year-over-year revenue by October 2022 (goal). I will do this by:

Execute your plan.


Post-mortem – hold weekly accountability meetings with a coach or accountability partner to validate that your tactics are working and you are making progress towards your goal.


In this blog post, Bill McDevitt discussed setting goals using the PREP method. If you want to achieve your goals, track your progress, modify your path when necessary, and always keep your eye on your summit!

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About Bill McDevitt

Hi! I’m Bill, a small business coach and founder of Top of the World Coaching. No matter what stage your company is currently in, I want to help you grow and develop as an entrepreneur, franchise owner, or business executive. 

I’m passionate about helping business owners and executives succeed. I am skilled at coaching business development, growth, and profitability to all levels of entrepreneurs and executives. 

Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a budding entrepreneur, I can help you attain your goals by implementing a strategy that works. Your success is my success. Let’s work together to develop a strategy that will improve your company’s ROI. This will let you spend more time focusing on developing your business instead of working inside your business.

If you want to reach out to Bill McDevitt (Field 1 Post Trusted Sales Partner), please contact him by clicking here.

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