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There are a few reasons why you might want to have separate personal and business social media accounts.

First, if you’re using social media for business purposes

You should keep your personal and professional lives separate. This will prevent people from getting mixed messages. Make sure that the tone and content of your posts is appropriate for your target audience. Social media is a social platform, so you should reflect good social media etiquette. There is a line between business and personal accounts on social media; make sure you don’t cross it.

Second, having separate social media profiles will help your social media presence stand out.

Your friends or family won’t have to see business updates when they visit your personal social media accounts, but you can share what’s going on with the company at events.

Third, avoid catastrophe

It is important to have two social media accounts – one for personal posts and one for business. This way, if your personal account gets hacked or someone else takes over, they can’t post things about your business because you use a different account for that.

Fourth, contact management

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers and followers. Having separate social media accounts will help you better manage your interactions with them. You can provide more detailed information and updates about your business on its own social media account, and respond to customer inquiries faster and more effectively.


It is a good idea to have separate social media accounts for your personal life and your business. It will be worth the time when you are done! You will feel more secure, and be safer from hacking.

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