We all have the same 24 hours a day and how we utilize those hours are based on our own decisions. Granted, environmental factors certainly influence our choices with the way we use our hours, like family, job requirements, travel, and leisure. But no matter how we utilize our hours it all comes back to the number 24.

As a business coach I hear things like, there aren’t enough hours in my day, I’m always putting out fires, I’m working in the business, barely surviving, trying to keep my head above water, to name a few.

There are six key tactics that I recommend to my clients to help them better manage the time that they have available. The same 24 hours everyone else has.

1.Your most and least productive times of day.

  • There are times during the day when our energy level is high and times when it is low – know your times. When your level is at its highest, tackle the tasks that take the most energy and require you to be your sharpest. Leave the other tasks for low level energy times.


  • Write down your routines and follow them daily. This allows you to just do without adding pressure of what’s next? I have seven.
  1. Get up early, on top of the world & make my bed.
  2. Personal growth time – exercise and education.
  3. Review and prep for client calls and daily agenda, including short- and long-term goals.
  4. Email and social media.
  5. Tackle tasks and to do’s – least desired first.
  6. Review what went well today and what I could have done better.
  7. Goodnight text to my sons (in their 30’s now) and go to bed.

3.Time blocking

  • Whatever calendar system you are using block time for everything that you need to accomplish. Be sure to allot enough time to get it done. Include plenty of flex time, mealtime, family time, and of course work time. Be sure to schedule out as far as the farthest event that you know of. One of the advantages of time blocking is that you can move your blocks around as the need arises and still have enough time to get everything done.

4.Recurring events scheduling

  • Use your calendar’s recurring event feature for things that happen consistently at the same time, like family time or lunch for example.

5.Due dates with reminders and mile markers along the way.

  • Set reminders right in your time blocks so they are easy to see and execute. If your calendar allows you to set reminders that pop up on your calendar or other electronic device, utilize it for efficiency. 

6.Activity and time tracking journal

  • This is a critical part of the system. If you do nothing else, at the end of each day journal what you did and how long you did it for. Compare that with what you planned to do and how long you planned to do it. This is the part that allows you to see if you are managing your time the way you want to.
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