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Video, the most effective marketing format on the planet, is the ultimate marketing power tool and is the most efficient way for a brand to portray its message. Video remains top on content creation lists for marketers due to its wide use and transparency. This is because it can come in many formats such as webinars(1), educational courses, live videos, advertisements, pre roll video, or self-hosted video. Video is ideal for marketing and sales teams when utilized correctly. When done well, video is the most powerful way for a brand to promote itself and its image(2) when combined with social media advertising and broadcast television, which is easily accessible to large audiences. As of 2022, states 86% of businesses utilize video as a marketing tool which is a highpoint in video usage.

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Video content marketing(3) allows brands to improve their online reputation as trustworthy, knowledgeable experts in their fields of expertise. YouTube was developed in 2005(4). In the fields of learning and educational content, this video giant drives over a billion views a day! YouTube is a successful online destination due to its authenticity in its user-generated content and its ease of access. Since companies achieve success by creating content supporting products and services in their marketplace, they depend upon video as a powerful tool utilized to deliver their message to consumers. Consumer behavior helps businesses decide what products to manufacture, so it is important to publish content that will ensure potential customers’ informational needs are satisfied.

According to, YouTube is the second largest search engine worldwide. With 3 billion searches per month, YouTube’s search volume is larger than that of Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and combined. After only one year of existence, Google bought the successful video platform and by 2009, they were already starting to display various advertisements on the platform, generating even more revenue.

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Video content marketing(5) is so effective because as technology is continuously evolving, it is becoming easier and easier to communicate with video effectively. With websites and software constantly emerging, marketers have numerous options for creating content without the need for tremendous video recording or editing skills. Regardless of the fact that technology today makes this process easier, that is not the only reason video has tremendous success in communication. The rise of smartphone technology, which allowed consumers to watch videos more conveniently, fueled the success of video communication. In 2020, the pandemic, which boosted online media consumption by 21.5% in the U.S., according to, further exemplified the power of video communication. The need to work remotely, and for broadcast television needing to deliver their content without a live audience, was a massive test in the field of video communication. TV shows like The Voice, not only recorded their talented contestants from their homes, but the host and judges were also recorded from their homes, bringing together dozens of streams of video into one stream, truly a technological marvel

Video marketing improves SEO(6) or search engine optimization. SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to any web page where that traffic is driven by search engine results. High quality SEO results in achieving the ultimate goal of boosting conversions and sales. Search engines favor web pages with videos on them. This is because consumers see the videos as high-quality content and that encourages them to stay on the website longer(7). This is important because 31%(8) marketers add video to their content pages to improve search engine optimization. Approximately 83%(9) of video marketers say that video helps them generate leads. This is largely due to the fact that the information provided in the videos answer persistent questions and/or problems. For a video to be effective, it should tell consumers who you are, what you have to offer, and why they need your service in their life.

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In today’s world, marketers are no longer taking the traditional “sales pitch” approach to customers. There is simply too much competition out there for prospects to consider. Regarding the matter of brand loyalty, consumers can search for individual products to find the best fit in their neighborhood, or even worldwide, instead of remaining loyal to one brand. Once consumers find their desired individual product, video helps them determine if the given manufacturer/ service provider is reputable. An online search results page prominently highlights video content by utilizing three factors: relevance, freshness, and social media value. Search engine optimization helps differentiate sources by relevance based on how many times the source is viewed. Content freshness is determined by when the video was published to the site, and social media value is established with consistent content posting and presence.

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Marketers today need to approach their audience with a value-based offer instead of attempting to generate revenue based on any sale. Value-based pricing(10) is a strategy utilized to promote the importance of high valued products and services at a rate they believe consumers are willing to pay. This strategy is more efficient because consumers will be loyal to a brand that has high valued products. Videos allow customers to have an up-close look at the product, service, influencer, and/or teacher, thus reinforcing the value of the product.

Videos are efficient for portraying a variety of messages to the world, and in practicality, a short unique explanation video about a product/service can make the most impact when it comes to informing and educating people on the ins and outs of your specific product. With the utilization of video media today, you can catch consumers’ attention and hold it by entertaining them through a 5 second to 5-minute video. Depending on the product, businesses may use an animated or illustrated explainer video to differentiate their brand from the crowd and not come across as too over-the-top. Let’s look at our own for example: 

Facebook Live and Instagram stories, which have emerged in popularity today, are being utilized in the digital marketing profession because of their ability to allow consumers to get a more personal look and feel. Knowing how to efficiently make content for these areas is important. Here are a few tips we can share with you today: Real time temporary content is great for marketing because it allows for face-to-face interaction, brand trust, and casual behind the scenes updates. Snapchat and Instagram stories(11), which are widely popular today, are creative tools for giving consumers insight into what problems your company is solving with their product.

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Video is a trust builder for consumers. By allowing people to get the opportunity to see a product in action via an explainer(12) video/ demo or testimonial, they will be more inclined to purchase. Another reason why video is great for conversions on websites is that they increase the viewing time for visitors allowing them to roam around your business’s site. Videos eliminate having to read large amounts of words allowing viewers to listen to them while they are doing any activity, which is why they are so popular today.

Video(13) is a versatile and engaging content platform which gives people real life insight and is easily shareable across numerous social media platforms. Consumers(14) like it because it’s entertaining, engaging, and easy, while marketers like it because it can potentially result in a large return on investment through its ability to be displayed on many platforms. This is because the number of customers you are able to gain through a video can be calculated by total number of converted leads by viewers of the specific video. This video goes more in depth on calculating ROI: If your profit earned from your investment in video marketing/ advertising exceeds your costs and spends, your return would be positive which would mean your advertising, in this case video, was successful. Thus making you plenty of competition for your competition.

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