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There is intense competition in the digital marketing landscape. It is way more accessible and, in most cases, cheaper than traditional marketing and advertising methods. It also helps individuals and companies reach a much wider and demographically diverse audience, any time of the day or night.

It’s also incredibly competitive. Top digital marketing companies across the globe are competing for online visibility and making it difficult for any one business, website, or campaign to stand out.

The good news is video marketing can help.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a strategy used by website owners to attract audiences and educate them about your brand, products, and/or services. It is highly effective at driving website traffic, leads, and sales and can be used to increase brand recognition and thought leadership.

Why is it so Important?

Video is Engaging

The public has a voracious appetite for online video and companies like YouTube, Vimeo, and Camtasia have stepped up to help meet the demand. Increased network speeds, unbiquitous smart devices, and lower prices have also contributed to the demand for video products and services. Digital marketing companies recognize this and the savvy ones have started to add video marketing to their suite of services as well.

And it’s not just the demand that is compelling. Well-crafted and optimized video content increases your search engine rankings, click-through rates, engagement, and conversions. All these things combined, translate into digital marketing and business success.

That all sounds good but you also need to know that more than 500 hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you want to capture your target audience’s interest, you have to create video content that is truly outstanding.

Are You Ready To Create One?

Explainer videos can really help jump-start or boost your campaign or business. There is good evidence to show they boost your rankings in organic search results and increase website conversions.

If you’d like professional help creating an explainer video, please let us know. We’ve been doing this for a long time and can produce a video that will please both you and your customers for a very reasonable cost!