Business Coaching
Bill McDevitt

Cold Calling Tips – Getting Past the Gatekeeper

You can find cold calling tips in many different places. You can learn cold calling from a book, an online course, and even from cold calling experts at networking events. But what happens when you encounter another cold-calling obstacle: the gatekeeper?

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Image of Business Insurance Agent Consulting With Small Business Owner - Field 1 Post Digital Marketing - Havertown
Small Business Insurance
Cassie Dalmas

A relationship with your small business insurance agent is key

Sales pipeline management is a process that all salespeople should have in place. This will help them to stay on track and remember who they are meeting with and what they need. This blog post explains how to build and evaluate your sales pipeline: tips from a 40-year veteran, Gary Kurtis!

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Business Coaching
Bill McDevitt

Setting Goals Using The PREP Method

In this post, Gary Kurtis of will provide information on how to generate meaningful activity in your sales efforts so you have more time for what matters most: talking to customers!

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